Kenguru Boy Courier Service
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About Kenguru Boy Courier Service
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About Kenguru Boy Courier Service
Kenguru Boy is a reliable, fast delivery and logistics partner to businesses in Budapest and Hungary. With delivery services to virtually every door in Hungary, Kenguru Boy is positioned to take your business wherever it has to go.
For more than 10 years, our success has been based on a total commitment to provide you and all our customers with solutions to your delivery needs.
You are the center of our world!

Our goal is to be your true business partner. We aim to find creative solutions for all our customers' delivery and distribution needs. We use our core capabilities to develop the solution that is right for you.
During these years we have helped and created solutions for great many customers among them are: DHL Hungary Ltd., American Express Hungary, Budapest Business Journal., BBDO, Xerox Hungary, Stollwerck, Ericsson, Intrum Justitia, Siemens, Giro Rt., GTE Yellow Pages, Duna TV, MATÁV, AXA-Colonia, Dunapack and Zwack

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