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Kenguru Boy Courier Service - Customer Service
Infoline:  06  (80)  22 33 44
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Kenguru Boy Customer Service
Days & Times of Operation
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How do I request a delivery?
What does Kenguru Boy guarantee?
How do I request a refund?
What do I do if my shipment was damaged?
What is volumetric weight?
How do I calculate volumetric weight?
Can I link my site to the Kenguru Boy Web site?
How do I contact Customer Service?
We accept delivery requests Monday to Friday, from 8 AM until 6 PM. Pick up and delivery outside these hours can be ordered in advance, and will incur an extra charge (please see the Kenguru Boy Rates for details).
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We accept payment in cash or by bank transfer. In order to pay by bank transfer you need to open an account with us. Please contact the Kenguru Boy customer service for details.
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You can call us at the following numbers:
06 (80) 22-33-44 - Free call from within the Budapest area code
06 (1) 266-1870 - Multiple phone and fax lines waiting for your order

Or request a delivery online
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We give you on-schedule delivery or your money back! When you ship a package via Kenguru Boy Regular, Kenguru Boy Express and other Kenguru Boy services, you'll get guaranteed on-schedule delivery. In the event that we fail to complete or attempt delivery within the time commitment, we will credit or refund your shipping charges upon request. Please see Terms and Conditions for a more detailed explanation.
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Call us! Contact Kenguru Boy Customer Service within fifteen calendar days from the date of scheduled delivery of your package and we'll credit or refund your shipping charges.
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Call Kenguru Boy Customer Service. We will be happy to assist you. If you are the receiver, call the person who shipped the package to you and have that person handle the damaged shipment/claims process.
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Volumetric weight is used when the space a package takes on a vehicle may cost more than the actual weight of the package. If the volumetric weight is larger then the actual weight, the volumetric weight will be used to calculate delivery charges.
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Volumetric weights are calculated using the following formula:

Height in cm x Width in cm x Length in cm / 6000 = Volumetric Weight in kilograms

For example, a box measuring 20cm x 50cm x 30cm, has a volumetric weight of 5kg.

You can use the following form to quickly calculate volumetric weight:
Height (cm):
Width (cm):
Length (cm):
Volumetric Weight (kg):
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Yes, simply download your choice of the following approved graphics that can be integrated into your site:
Kenguru Boy Logo 170x72x256 5.0 KBKenguru Boy Logo 120x51x256 3.8 KBKenguru Boy Logo 80x34x256 2.4 KB
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Call 06 (1) 266-1870, send email to, or fill out our information request form
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