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  NEW! Export
EXPORT Service
We have extended our services with a new one - Export to destinations in Europe. Below is a list of countries and estimated delivery times.

Shipping rates are based on the weight of a parcel. Please look at our Export Rates page for further information.

Countries Delivery Time (work days)
Slovakia 1
Austria, Czech Republic 2
Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia 3
Italy 3-4
France, Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Denmark 4
UK, Sweden 4-5
Spain, Greece 4-7
Irland, Turkey 5
Norway 5-6
Portugal 5-7
Finland 6
Malta, Ciprus 6-7
- HUF is an abbreviation of Hungarian Forint.
- If your package is large but light, you need to calculate the package's volumetric weight.
- Parcels can weigh maximum 40 kg and the outer measurement (2 x height + 2 x width + 1 x length) can not be larger than 3 meters.
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